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Kollektiv 1632 pres. "HOUR VOL.2"


€ 10,- < 00:00 < € 12,-

Line up:

Bobby Fly
Jonas Thoma
Mugs Bunny
Marco T. b2b Urbanist

Artwork & Design: Marco T. 

Visuals & Lighting: Visiokratie 

Backbone and Motivation: You 🖤



This is "hour vol.2“, this is us

Get ready for a wild ride through the electronic realms as our lineup of artists takes the stage to showcase their unique styles in just one hour.

For this very evening, we're cranking up the heat a notch or two, reaching speeds of 140 bpm and beyond through the night, all while staying true to ourselves: diggin‘ deep, gettin‘ dark and providing subtle but driving basslines

Join us for a night of pulsating rhythms, tribal sounds and infectious energy brought to you by Lebr, Bobby Fly, Mugs Bunny, Jonas Thoma, Urbanist, Marco T. and For20!

The performances reflect the subtly rising mood and tempo, setting the stage for thrilling and driving hours through the night

So kick back, relax, and get ready to lose yourself in the mesmerizing beats of "hour vol.2".