Sat, 09.11.2019

2nd Floor

Under Construction


Line Up:

Tim B


Under Construction


The four young men have an unusual Vision of Music and will bring some different momentum back to the City. Their style goes through pulsing ambience, unrythmic break beat and straight Forward Techno .

One of the heads called "Olorr" released some not assigned sounds with the italian Label "Dystant Recordings" drives by Anonio Russo as "The Extraverse". He presented a selection style that grew from his experience around the world.

Tim B goes through every style possibilities and invites all the people to melt in some fusion of melodic and groovy Techno! Together wirh his friends he created the branding "Auge mal Beat" where he explored his different styles.

Lucas found his interest in music a long time ago. He rifled through many variations of electronic music and at the end he a the end he decided to go with the diversity of tribal Techno and their tools.

OTO/M carries his life with a lot of art. It’s not only his pumping Techno flow that he loves to work with. His life is also defined by getting ink under someone‘s skin with endless passion. He won’t ever dissappoint with his pumping Techno stuff and will bring the whole mankind to move its ass.

Einlass: 23:00 Uhr
Eintritt: 10 €