Thu, 17.01.2019

1st Floor

ESN Erasmus Goodbye Party: Gender Switch

Funk / Disco / Pop / Electronica

Line Up:

 Dresscode: Gender Switch



Hello, boys and girls and girls and boys! Welcome to the ultimate finale of your Erasmus semester in Graz. Let’s get crazy one last time, switch clothes, and switch genders for a wild night. A compulsory date for a legendary last few weeks in Graz. We look forward to a fantastic final party with you!!

Note: you can leave everything you don't need inside at the checkroom

IMPORTANT: Please acknowledge that the longest queue at the entrance will be shortly before 11.30 and we cannot count arriving at the end of that queue shortly before and charge the cheaper rate. Apologies for that!

Einlass: 10:00 pm
Eintritt: Admission:
2 € with ESN Card BEFORE 11:30 pm
7 € without ESN card and after 11:30 pm