Wed, 18.05.2022

2nd Floor

Spotting - Sundl // Voiler // Grrrls-Crew

Line Up:

21:00 Sundl
22:00 Voiler
DJ Adriana Celantana


*Voiler (new project from Ana Threat)*

Like an archer striving to find their anchor point, VOILER’s new album Anhedonia feels like a bow drawn to its limit just right before the shoot. Its roaring repetitive synths become almost choral in their nature, revealing the sweating and restraint of the archer at this decisive moment. (Tender Matter)

*Sundl’s dead. (Undead undead undead.)*

For years, Christian Sundl has been haunting Vienna’s clubs with a symphony of horror. On the six organ pieces of »Sundl II« he turns the tables — and lets the past haunt the present. The sounds of the album were created with the help of a digital emulation of the legendary Ensoniq SQ-80, a synthesizer that John Carpenter already chose in the 1980s for the soundtrack of his films.

Tickets: 9€ | erm. 7€
Einlass: 20:30 Uhr


Fri, 20.05.2022
Didge & Bass